Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sparkly FLats D.I.Y.

Items needed:
- Flats of your choice (I got mine at Forever21 for $35)
- A variety of stones , round of squared ,silver ,brown, yellow, whatever matched your flat.
- Fabric Tacky Glue
- Tweezers

1. Place your jewels in the pattern you decide is best. I decided to place my biggest jewel in the middle and take it from there. If your shoe has a round like shape (like mine) you have to be extra careful with the placing and make sure they are not falling off.

2. Once you decide on a pattern, you can start gluing the jewels with your tweezers. Since some of the jewels were a little too small, I decided to place a spot of glue on the newspaper and dip the jewels to make it a little more easier.

3. Once you're done gluing, let them dry for quite some time since tacky glue does take a while to completely dry. First I let them set inside my house for a good 30 mins. then took them outside to then dry completely for the night.
 DONE Now you are ready to strut your adorable flats!
Good Luck!

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