Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Is it justme or do my knees look really weird in these shorts? They do, don't they? I thought so ,too.
Anyways,outfit and, oh whats that,newiphone case?Heeeeeeeellyeeeaaaaahhh, trippyis a moffo.
Anyways, the socksI'm wearing were a Halloween speciual (im guessing) cause I can'tfind any of the socks I saw at the store online, for that,I am sorry. The top is also well...non findable, or more like, I triedto but couldn't, so Im sorry for that, too.
overalls forever 21
top zara
wristlet urban outfitters

"I am the kid with the motor mouth
I am the one that you should worry about"

ugh I am so inlove with Drake,i swear.


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