Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In The First Place

It's the hat, yes.
Es el sombrero, si.

werk it gurl

the new duckface

That thing in the picture up there is my friend Angel, what a little tramp he is. And no, that is nothing indecent in his hand, what are you even thinking oh god...
To be honest, I thought this was a very very VERY casual outfit if you compare it to some of my more *ahem* extravagant looks... Anyways, Angel told me that what the hell was I thinking, repeating sunglasses, dear lord NO! He's a drama queen, can you tell? And no, again, that is not 70's inspired aqua eyeshadow on my lids, it's um just something else...aha

Esa cosa en la foto de arriba es mi amigo Angel. Y no, esa no es una cosa indecente entre sus dedos, que estas pensando, dios mio...
Para ser honesta, este look se me iso muy muy MUY casual a comparacion de mis otro *ahem* looks extravagantes que aveces se presentan... Como sea, Angel me dijo que si como se me ocurre repetir lentes de sol, que chingados me pasa! Es un poco dramatico, se dan cuenta? Y no, otravez, ese no es aqua de los 70's en mis ojos es um algo mas...aha

jeans celebrity pink
shoes thrifted
hat hm
bracelet juicy couture
bag kate spade


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