Saturday, July 26, 2014

Super Grunge | Fuerza Bruta:Wayra

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It's just another day in NewYork, I have a nun skirt and some grunge pictures with my friend Special-K *winkwink* on the steps of a random store called Trash in East Village.Oh, and some Wayra pictures, ths awesome show I got to see over the weekend,  dude this thing is trippy as hell, you could not believe it, if you are in NYc this is a show that you have to see, no joke.

Es nomas otro dia en Nueva York, llevo puesta una falda de monja y me tome fotos grunge con mi amiga Special -K * jiji* en las escaleras de una tienda llamada Trash en East Villag. Ah, y unas fotos de Wayra, un show que vi durante el fin de semana que esta muy muy tripiafo, si estan en NYC deberian de ir a verlo, se lo pierden.

skirt topshop
shoes converse
bag prada

"And no, don’t let me see her crying

Cause oh, honey I’ll smoke you till I’m dying
Viceroy, don’t take me for a fool now
I’m only tryina come down
Just tryina keep it cool"


  1. Uber cool outfit Maria! I love the nun skirt paired with the Converse and tee!

  2. amazing top, love it<3

  3. This looks awesome! Such a cool location!

    xxx Linsey from

  4. this post is so cool...really want to come to New york! Especially love your style-perfect mix of edgy and rock & roll

    Absolutely love your blog, by the way! Just bookmarked it...would love you to give me some advice on my blog :) would be amazing if one day it can get as good as yours

    1. You just made my week with this comment, thank you!

  5. Привет! Приглашаю вас в свой блог! Меня зовут Елизавета и я надеюсь, что мой мир Вас вдохновит на что-то новое :)


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