Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Day At Pratt

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The day I post this is not the actual last day, it has been a couple weeks since I left NYC. This pre-college program has given me some unforgettable experiences and memories, alongside people I am glad I met, moments that make me glad I'm still alive. East Village was the freaking bomb, if anybody wanted to know. Found this sick sock shop called The Sock Man, where I got me these babies and another pair (which my mother wasn't really that happy about...weed patterned....if anyone wanted to know)
That weird thing you see me holding was a foundations class sculpture that I didn't get to hang up because I got late to the expo setup and didn't get a space, woops. I then decided it was a helmet and that Lady Gaga should hire me ASAP.

El día que suba esto no será el ultimo día verdadero, de hecho ya han pasado unas semanas desde que me fui de NYC. este programa me a dado unas experiencias inolvidables junto con memorias y gente que estoy feliz de haber conocido, momentos de los que me alegro que sigo viva.
East Village fue lo mejor, encontré esta tienda llamada The Sock Man, donde me compre estas hermosuras y otro par (al cuales a mi mama no le parecieron mucho....estampado de mota....por si alguien quería saber)
Esa cosa tan extraña que me ven cargar es una escultura para mi clase de fundaciones, la cual no pude colgar a mi exposición final ya que llegue tarde y se acabo el espacio, oops. En ese momento decidí que seria un casco y que Lady Gaga debería de contratarme lo mas pronto posible.
shirt thrifted + d.i.y.
short zara
socks sockman
hat hm


  1. Great post and I love the socks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a great thrifted top! Very cute:)


  3. Your shoes are so cool! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, life, beauty and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. Love those shorts! Great detail and color.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. gooosshh!
    i really love your spike details around the hat!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. Very cute shoes darling! xoxo


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