Sunday, December 1, 2013




Yeah yeah, the quality sucks, we're back to that again, but NO! Black Friday bitched, hella to the no was I going to stop my shopping frenzy to take pictures! Besides, the whole day was cloudy and gloomy! This is a little less 'extravagant' look from what I normally I post, I know, but I had to get up at 5 in the morning, there was no time! Anyways, yeah, I saw literally, no kidding, 20000 people with parkas today, what was the deal? Are they super in or what? And I did get alot of questions concerning the details in my front pockets and the answer is no, I didn't put those there , I bought it like that. I wanted to say yes more than once but lying emmm really isn't my forté. (psI got some super amazing stuff, maybe I'll post some pics later, not that anybody really cares tho :P)
parka zara
tshirt etsy shops
bag forever 21

I wish, I wish you didn't exist
It's a shame you do
Your plans are sad and not enough
Not foolproof


  1. I really like your blog & your style, and this parka, it's so pretty!
    Much love to you from germany!

    My blog:

  2. Beautiful parka and I love all of your rings. You look gorgeous!

  3. love your parka! :*

  4. totally in love with your outfit! and you look so cute in the first picture.


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