Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!  I had a Christmas party last night and I thought I should share the outfit with you guys since I haven't uploaded an outfit in probably a week...oops
Felices Fiestas a todos! Tuve una posada ayer y pense en compartir mi ajuar  con ustedes porque no e subido un look creeo que una semana...oops.

And yes, I do know how to walk in high heels, excuse my awkward legs, though.
Y si, se caminar en tacones, disculpen mis piernas tan raras.


The bag again, ok, don't judge me haha. ANd as I said, I do know how to walk in high heels unlike many other girls ( thats a damn shame) and no I don't fall on my face, or bend my knees like a camel while I walk or look like a robot while using them. Heel first is what they say ;) Anyways, Christmas party yesterday, really fun with all my homies and yay for tights cause I don't have to shave ( no shame on that, though) and I don't caaaaaaaaareeeeeeeee. Also, say hello to my friends who are stylish and I love them and um yeah they just found out about my blog and I got really shy and just decided to picture it out and feel shame no more! ( Shame has been used alot in this writing, notice?)
fun fact on the bracelet: Juicy Couture is having this amazing sales on the bracelets right now, $20 and they have some really great choices, including cuffs, so do yourself a favor and go check them out C:

La bolsa con ojos otraves, no me juzgen haha. Y como dije, si se caminar en tacones , no como otras ( que pena enserio) y no, no me caigo, o doblo las rodillas como camello mientras camino, o parezco robot caminando. Tacon primero como dicen ;) Como sea, una posada ayer, muy divertida con todas mis amigas y saludos a las medias porque ya no me tengo que razurar las piernas! ( sin pena la neta) y no me importaaaaaa. Tambien, digan hola a mis amigas que se visten divino y las amo y oops ya saben de mi blog y me dio mucha penita y decidi tomarnosfotos para que se me quitara. ( La palabra pena se uso muchas veces, lo notaron?) Fun fact con las pulseras: Juicy Couture tiene esta gran venta donde sus pulseras estan a 20 dollares y tambien incluyen cuffs, asi que haste un favor y ve por una C:

top hm
skirt forever 21
chain bracelet charlotte russe
studded bracelet juicy couture

"Maybe I'm too
Busy being yours
to fall for somebody new"


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