Tuesday, September 24, 2013


On Sunday and I went to a swap meet on Sports Arena with my daddy C: And I went to the Fall Out Boy concert that sane night... It was epic, im telling you, I'll post some pics later if you want to see them. 
highfive for my first actual cool pictures taken by someone else besides my camera timer!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's Saturday and I just got pack from lunch with my daddy. I don't know if it's been on the news yet but we were eating lunch on Pacific Beach and there was a shooting! Exciting, I know. We saw the guy get shot and everything, no blood though, not as exciting... It was right next to Buffalo Exchange and I was planning on going there to check out some stuff, got some super neat things, I'll take pictures later C:
The socks aren't shows aswell as they shoudl have, these pants are a size too big for me so they just kept wiggling loose... In the end I just ended up rolling the pant a little more... And im loving my shoes! $20 on Target! Amazing I know! There were also these leopard ones I adored but my size was all out :'( and I found some white ones online but I wasn't much into them.
Item list at the bottom of the post

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekly Inspirations

I go to a private school. Yes, it does suck. Yes, we use uniforms. Yes, it makes me go nuts. No, I haven't murdered anyone yet. Just imagine, hundred kids all dressed the same, I mean, we weren't even allowed to wear bracelets or put any type of pins or anything in our backpacks until a few years ago!
So to keep same once in a while, I jump over to my tumblr and start saving pictures I like into a folder in my desktop labeled 'inspire m3'(don't judge me), one which I open everytime I need inspiration for outfits or sketching or just anything really. These are just my newest additions to the folder:





All pictures found on tumblr.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013